The MSS Global 'COBRA' Tool

Our COBRA assessment tool answers questions that your senior management really want answers to about your company compliance to....

  • Anti-corruption (FCA and FCPA)
  • Compliance Culture
  • Labor Issues (anti-harassment, hostile work environment)

Increasing demand to demonstrate compliance through ISO certifications, combined with legal/regulatory requirements which are often punitive when violated—spanning issues from human trafficking to false claims and corruption—compounds the challenge of cost effective compliance program management.

In today’s increasingly globalized world—characterized by a complex web of supply chains—new breeds of risk have emerged which necessitate the need for robust corporate legal/regulatory/contract compliance programs.


Compliance programs need not be viewed as an expensive albeit necessary evil. Instead, by leveraging the cost-effectiveness and scalability of online technology, compliance risk management solutions can be a strategic means to drive business performance, exert competitive advantage, and ward off emergent risks. By leveraging technology, organizations can evaluate their corporate compliance behavior in a uniquely efficient and costeffective manner.



White Paper - 'Rethinking Compliance Risk - Organizational Behavioral Assessments Go Digital'

Brochure - 'COBRA - Creating Compliance Value by Leveraging Technology'

As an internationally recognized certification body we can provide assurance of your operations and your supply chain against international standards, customer-defined regulatory, contractual and ethical commitments or other specified requirements.