Online Assurance Assessment Tool


MSS Global has formed an exclusive alliance with Robian Global ( to design and deliver a suite of online assurance assessment tools to support both the private security industry as well as the larger government contractor community.

Our jointly developed assessment tools extend beyond traditional auditing techniques. Working with the fundamental requirements of any standard (or client-defined specifics), we are able to measure both compliance and the experienced effectiveness of the system and desired business behaviors.

Our online assessment can stand alone or be used in conjunction with traditional audit techniques. It is particularly effective at identifying risk areas which can instruct our clients where to focus on-site or internal audit resources.

The online assessment features include:

  • An enterprise risk management approach to business assessment;
  • A fully online system that is accessible wherever an internet connection and a device that supports and internet browsing is available;
  • A fully-flexible system that can be customized to measure performance against any criteria such as specific business objectives and desired outcomes;
  • A combination of participant experiences and hands-on checking to give a fuller picture;
  • A network that can support any assessment from just a few participants to many thousands.




MSS Global Online Assurance Tool

As an internationally recognized certification body we can provide assurance of your operations and your supply chain against international standards, customer-defined regulatory, contractual and ethical commitments or other specified requirements.