ISO Certification

All enterprises – big or small, seek to assure their clients, partners and employees that they are credible and competent.

Land Security

Security to function, trade and prosper are basic human demands.  The land environment presents the greatest diversity of challenge – from services delivered in more stable regions, through to the security required to help emerging economies and societies develop and prosper.  Let our business support you as you work to provide that assurance to your clients and partners - be that for certification to ANSI/ASIS PSC 1, ISO 18788:2015, or other domestic security standards.




Overview of Services for Land based Private Security Companies

Approaching PSC.1 - Private Security Company Quality Assurance Management Systems 

Approaching ISO 18788 - Security Operations Management Systems

Introduction to PSC 1 and ISO 18788

Française:   Introduction à PSC.1 et ISO 18788 - langue Française


Supporting Services:

Gap Analysis service

Standards Requirements Awareness and Education courses

Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor Training