Preparation and Support

Not sure where to start? Let us guide and support your team to understand and benefit.

Business assurance can be a daunting prospect when faced with the plethora of international standards, contractual and ethical commitments, supply chain challenges, and regulations.  

What it all means, what it means to your company, and then how to provide that assurance raises the spectre of ‘failure’.  It needn’t be so.  We aim to simplify and make things straight-forward using language you understand. 

No two businesses are the same.  We do not apply a set solution; we aim to work with you to best support your needs by offering information, education, and intimate support to help you prepare for, and successfully achieve certification.


MSS Global, as an internationally recognized certification body provides services to help build your knowledge.  We do not consult; that would be an injustice as it is your company not ours.  We empower through helping your team generate knowledge and understanding.  Our courses give you confidence that your company (or your suppliers) can meet your requirements - and that you benefit commercially from the investment in time and knowledge.