Preparation and Support

Not sure where to start? Let us guide and support your team to understand and benefit.

Online & on site Gap Analysis

Announcement:  FREE ISO 18788 online Gap Analysis tool for clients.  Contact Dai Phillips on for more...

How ready are you for certification and assurance assessment?  Do you know what the requirements are asking of you?  Lowering risking early saves time, money and frustration.

Affordability - we offer 4 levels of gap analysis support to suit any budget:

  • Level 1 - e-enabled self-Gap Analysis tool (ISO 18788 only) and excel output;
  • Level 2 - As level 1, with 0.5 day (3 hours) post-completion e-enabled review support from an MSS Global assessor to help you identify key ISO 18788 gaps and best practice approaches;
  • Level 3 - e-enabled 3 day Gap Analysis (ISO 18788 only) mentored support from an MSS Global assessor to help your team work through the assessment, drawing on our experience and knowledge to help identify gaps and best practice;
  • Level 4 - on site Gap Analysis mentored support (any ISO) from an MSS Global assessor to help galvanise your team and have a subject matter expert to fully explore gaps and best practice approaches.

Our gap analysis service saves you time and money - it de-risks the formal audit if not confident or fully prepared.


Routes to Certification

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