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Information security management

ISO 27001 certification - delivered through our information security specialist partners, ISONIKE

Why choose MSS Global & ISONIKE

  • A logical partnership - we are client focused internationally accredited Certification Bodies (IAF MLA) that have unparalleled security management assurance experience - be that information (ISONIKE), or physical (MSS Global);

  • Through partnering, we bring you the best - our assessments are efficient and effective – we understand your challenges, and speak your language.

The benefits of ISO 27001

  • For a truly integrated approach to the security of you and your clients, you cannot ignore the security of your information;

  • We are in the ‘information era’. Everything is about information, and the level of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of that information.  So, having an effective information security management system in place is more crucial than ever;

ISO 27001 Certification
  • ISO 27001 helps you demonstrate you have effective controls in place to support legal compliance - including for example the US FAR 52.204-21, or the EU NIS and GDPR regulations;

  • Certification reinforces your credibility and helps you protect your reputation;

  • It helps clients protect their reputation, enhances the likelihood of operational success, and reduces internal audit and due diligence burden.

ISO 27001 – Key points

  • An Information Security Management System (ISMS) with a risk based approach at its heart;

  • ISO 27001 enshrines some 114 information security controls, and provides confidence in the quality and professionalism of firms;

  • It covers key aspects of enterprise risk management, placing a strong emphasis on your identification of stakeholders, including clients, employees, subcontractors. And it enables a company to identify relevant legal and regulatory guidelines for its information management;

  • It encompasses core security and supporting business functions, and your supply chain;

  • Like any effective management control system, ISO 27001 needs to be driven by the senior management team, and resourced;

  • ISO 27001 is not a ‘tick box’ standard.

The audit process we will guide you through...

ISO 27001 Certification process
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