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Second party due diligence and supplier assurance

Second party due diligence assurance assessments of your subcontractors, supply chain, or vendors.

We undertake integrated asset and business process assurance audits to help clients ensure the best value and best practice in their supply chains.

MSS Global, an internationally recognized certification body provides assurance of your contractors, subcontractors, supply chain or vendors against customer-defined contractual, regulatory and ethical commitments or other specified requirements, including intregrated asset management across a client's supply chain to help ensure best value, and identify best practices, service delivery risks, and contractual risks.

We validate compliance against any combination of:

  • Integrated asset management processes, and their coherence to deliver strategic objectives through optimization of best value and practice;

  • Contractual requirements;

  • International standards;

  • Regulatory requirements;

  • Ethical commitments inc human rights standards.

ISO 28000 Supply chain security

As an internationally recognized Certification Body, we can apply our external certification mark to any mutually agreed set of contractual requirements, certifying conformance against the stated requirements and identifying best practice to help you 'raise the overall standard of your supply chain', thereby assuring your customers, regulators or other oversight bodies that an effective 2nd party assessment has been conducted.

Assurance of your integrated operations and your supply chain against customer-defined regulatory, contractual and ethical commitments to help you ensure best value, and spread best practice to optimize performance across your organization.
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