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Adding value..... improving performance while saving you time and money

As sector leaders we are keen to add value - helping you gain maximum benefit from internationally recognized certification by MSS Global.

3 for 1 Offer -

ISO 18788, PSC-1 & ISO 9001

We are the only internationally recognized CB in the world offering certification to ISO 18788:2015, PSC.1 and ISO 9001:2015 - for the price of one ISO 18788 audit.  If you prove conformant to ISO 18788, we will provide you with PSC.1 and ISO 9001 for free for that scope to form a fully integrated Management system, making audit planning simpler, adding management time efficiency, and saving money.

SureStart Approach -

Level 1 for FREE

(normally $3,000 if purchased separately)

The SureStart approach, including the Gap Analysis (GA) is designed to help set you off in the right direction  - it will familiarize you with the ISO 18788 standard (PSC.1 is very similar in nature), help you identify the gaps in your current management system and then, with a sample of

educational videos and example documents, help assist you in closing any gaps . The GA itself follows a series of logical steps which echo the clauses in the standards where you answer a series of questions. Once completed, the tool provides you with a workbook which captures your input against the question.  From there you can easily identify your gaps so that you can recognize what else you need to do to meet the requirements; our sample of education videos then help you achieve this. ​

Contract exchange -

Our commitment to adding value for you

By formally contracting with MSS Global you will be in a position to advise your people and potential clients that your company are effectively moving forward towards internationally credible certification, we are therefore keen to support this.  On contract we will provide you for free:

A letter of engagement which you can use for business development etc;

Enrol you in to our SureStart approach, with the Gap Analysis document and a sample of introductory education videos;

A Word copy of the Gap Analysis;

A list of free online resources that we have identified may help you;

A copy of our analysis of the differences between ISO 18788 and PSC-1.

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