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MSS Global Company Presentation

 What we are 

We operate
uniquely as a
Certification Body

Ethical assurance, including human rights due diligence and ISO 18788, PSC.1, ICoCA Certification.  The only internationally accredited CB in the world to provide ethical and quality service assurance support to complex supply chains, and the land, maritime and supply chain security sectors, including extensive experience in the emergent market and fragile state and high risk countries. Recognized by UKAS

underpins service

3 key tenets drive our approach: the competence of our people, client confidentiality and management, and impartiality of the assessment - which leads to confidence in our support and assurance.

Providing turn-key  solutions for those managing the conduct of their operations and business ethics.

We offer Gap Analysis and education support for our ISO security governance standards, toolkits to support the development of an  integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy.  Our strong human rights assurance expertise provides education and assurance through human rights due diligence, and countering bribery and modern slavery risk.  We have teamed with 'Method Grid' to offer a suite of support programmes.

For ethical management of security services through ISO 18788, our SureStart approach (free to contracted clients), our Recognized Progression education modules, and our Education Suite enhance your learning experience. SureStart includes our Gap Analysis tool, introductory education videos to key themes, and downloadable examples to help you on your way to implementing internationally recognized best practice for the management of security services.

established to
certify a broad
range of common
and specialist 

These include specialist standards

Land security - ISO 18788 and ANSI/ASIS PSC-1

Supply chain security - ISO 28000

Maritime armed security - ISO 28007 (with ISO 28000)

Travel Risk Management - ISO 31030

Ethical assurance

Anti trafficking - Vertie model

Anti-bribery and corruption - ISO 37001

Modern Slavery - BS 25700

Common standards

Quality - ISO 9001

Environment - ISO 14001

Health & safety - ISO 45001

Anti-bribery - ISO 37001

Our ‘Global’ name
reflects our
operational reach as a group

In support of our clients, we operate in every continent of the world except Antarctica, with physical permanent presence in Europe, the US and West Africa.  We have delivered audits in over 60 countries worldwide, our team speak 7 languages, and we support companies ranging from the world's largest privately owned security company, to a multi-billion dollar international IT products company, to a small company of 2 people just past the start-up phase.  Our specialty is being able to operate across international supply chains and in some of the most complex, high risk areas of the world.

 What we are not 

We do not
provide security

Our focus is on providing credible assurance to the clients of those we audit and certify; we independently verify the ability of our clients to follow recognized best practices.  We provide the clients of our client with reputational assurance and operational confidence.

We do not 
provide consultancy

We must safeguard the impartiality of the audit and certification process to ensure it retains integrity. We do not provide individual client specific advice, solutions or consultancy.

 Growth and influence 

Operating since 2011

MSS Global Ltd was established as a boutique, high end Certification Body in 2011.  Founded on the assurance and certification of ethical management of security operations, including in some of the most challenging environments of the world, we have developed a deep ethical assurance expertise that helps safeguard the clients of our clients, the people who work for our clients, and the communities among which they operate - at the same time helping owners and leaders to maximize their value proposition.   
MSS Global has worked with numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations, including the U.S. DoD, UK FCO, the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Nigeria NSCDC, and organizations such as the ICoCA, UK SCEG, and the US ISOA.  
We continue to be intimately involved with the development and piloting of key ethical assurance standards, including:

•    ISO 18788 – Security operations management
•    ISO 28007 – Private maritime security companies providing armed security
•    Modern slavery 
•    Anti fraud

•    Human Rights Due Diligence

MSS Global now has physical presence and representation in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Greece), the US, West Africa (based in Nigeria), and LATAM (based in Guatemala).

Most of our clients are non-UK/US based, ranging from very small companies to multinationals, their clients, and those with complex supply chains.

After starting in the UK, we have expanded and now have a truly global client base, including USA, UK, France, Nigeria, Kenya,
Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Guatemala, Brazil, Myanmar and Australia, indeed over 59 countries and counting.....


Our clients include both the world’s largest publicly and privately owned PSCs (G4S and GardaWorld Security Services), and CDW LLC.  Yet we have the agility to also support very small companies just working through the start-up phase who are keen to establish credible corporate governance structures from the outset.  In the end - our approach is to understand YOUR company - each is different, and so we pride ourselves on adding value through understanding and engagement.

We take a twin
track market approach through broader understanding influence,
and individual client

As security assurance and thought leaders, we have helped support and shape market understanding, and increased demand for ‘best practice’ standards for the management of security.

In support we have been invited to contribute as members of UK and US government sponsored committees.  We are regularly invited to contribute at conferences.


MSS Global are the only internationally recognized Certification Body who are members of the US International Stability Operations Association (ISOA), the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Service Providers (ICoCA), and the UK Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG).

Every client is different.  We offer a bespoke, personal client management service that engenders mutual benefit and loyalty.

 Client views 

Don't just take our word for it, listen to some of our clients.....

"The whole accreditation was made easy by clear goals and timelines to meet.... Once again MSS Global have surpassed my expectations. Their understanding of the industry and the use of experienced auditors makes accreditation a refreshing experience."

Managing Director of a small security company

"All MSSG staff came across as knowledgeable and experienced on the standards they were auditing. During interview and investigations they largely put personnel at ease and were able to re-phrase questions when required in order to ensure that they were understood....the process of accreditation by MSSG has delivered real business benefits for also helps us develop a corporate communications strategy, both internal and external, that not just complies with international standards but also delivers real business benefits."

Managing Director of a large multinational security company

"MSS Global has conducted the audit in a very professional manner with a good understanding of the ISO standards and practical application approach of same. It was indeed a value addition audit with a good learning experience for us."

Managing Director of a medium size, non UK or US maritime and land security company

"The gap analysis ran by MSS Global really helped galvanize our team and point us in the right direction as we prepared for the certification audit."

Client lead in a small US private security company

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