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Anti human trafficking accreditation

Anti-trafficking Management System (ATMS) - 3rd party assessment using the Verite Responsible Sourcing Tool framework

Why do you need an ATMS?

  • If your business requires you or your supply chain to cross international borders; to engage employees; to utilize or create products or services from varied sources, cultures, or peoples; or if you must compete with other businesses; you need a robust, compliant, and well-managed ATMS.

  • Human trafficking risks are always present in organizations and their associated supply chains, where they can be harder to notice.

  • Risks of financial penalties and criminal prosecution are increasing as international business, humanitarian, and government contracting communities now expect organizations to effectively manage human trafficking risks.

  • Globalization has increased the prevalence and profitability of human trafficking.

  • Human trafficking risks are not fully addressed in other management systems.

Why pursue ATMS Accreditation?

  • Independent third-party accreditation provides credible assurance to your organization, your stakeholders, and oversight entities that you are aggressively working to safeguard your people, align with industry best practices, and comply with existing international and humanitarian regulatory instruments.

  • Accreditation provides you and your clients external assurance of your ATMS compliance plan and proactively mitigates human trafficking risks within your supply chain.

  • Accreditation provides your client independent assurance that your Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIPS) plan addresses CTIPS requirements in U.S. FAR 52.222-50, and your commitments under the United Kingdom's Modern Day Slavery Act 2015.

  • Accreditation assessments provide a comprehensive review throughout your entire organization.

  • A proactive management approach toward human trafficking risks may significantly reduce your organization’s exposure to financial penalties and/or criminal prosecution.

What is involved in the accreditation process?

MSS Global offers two easily-implemented options:

Level 1 Assurance - Desk Top Review. MSS Global undertakes a remote assessment of your policies, processes, and procedures against the requirements of the ATMS scheme. You will receive a recognition statement upon successful verification that your policies, processes and procedures meet the requirements of the scheme.

Level 2 Assurance - Accreditation Award through On-Site Verification. MSS Global deploys to assess the management and implementation of your ATMS. This includes site reviews and interviews with key staff and affected personnel.

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