As leaders in the assurance of security service management, we are well aware that for many companies, the prospect of preparing for certification to ISO 18788 or ISO 28007  can seem daunting.

ISO 18788 at almost 100 pages long, with around 560 main and sub requirements, and with the phrase 'human rights' used 197 times often seems a climb beyond all but the largest companies.  This is not the case - we have certified companies as small as 4 people, and supported companies on almost every continent of the world.

To help you prepare, we have developed a number of support packages that are accessible and affordable.  The entry level of these, our SureStart Approach is FREE to contracted clients, and includes our eGap Analysis tool.

As part of our commitment to the sector, we are keen to help you start.  So below we will occasionally feature a video lesson, taken from SureStart, which will help you.

Understanding what a management system is - 'how you work'
Management Systems.....

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