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Preparation and support

For ISO 18788 and PSC.1

Accessible and affordable support - globally

We recognize that preparing for certification can be a daunting prospect.  Cost, knowledge, and the shear scale of the task can mean it feels like an impossible task.  

We support clients across almost every continent of the globe, whose size ranges from the world's largest security companies, to companies of 4 people.  With the right support from us, and leadership in your company, certification is achievable.

We offer a number of support approaches to suite your knowledge, budget and time.

SureStart Approach

The SureStart approach, including the eGap Analysis (eGA) is designed to help set you off in the right direction  - it will familiarize you with the ISO 18788 standard (PSC.1 is very similar in nature), help you identify the gaps in your current management system and then, with a sample of educational videos and example documents, help assist you in closing any gaps . The eGA itself follows a series of logical steps which echo the clauses in the standards where you answer a series of questions. Once completed, the tool provides you with a workbook which captures your input against the question. 


From there you can easily identify your gaps so that you can recognize what else you need to do to meet the requirements; our sample of education videos then help you achieve this. 

The baseline level of SureStart is FREE for all contracted clients.

Recognized Progression

For a more comprehensive, graduated approach to learning and developing your management system, we have designed our Recognized Progression (RP) scheme.  Accessible and affordable, it is an on-line education and audit based progression service.  Taking a phased approach, you are logically introduced to key concepts of internationally recognized best practice for the management of your company which are then developed in greater depth, and supported with downloadable examples.  We review your progress at the end of each phase - after which you will be awarded a certification recognizing your developing progress.  The scheme is highly affordable compared to the cost of bringing in a consultant.

RP can also be used by the clients of PSCs - those contracting for security services to help you develop your supply chain, support reputational assurance, and contribute to you meeting your human rights obligations in such frameworks as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, the UN Sustainability Develop Goals, and the Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights initiative.

ISO 18788 and PSC.1 company awareness education

While we are able to organize generic internal auditor courses, drawing on our security and ethical assurance specialty, we believe our best support is through Appreciation and Interpretation education packages.  Taking for example, ISO 18788 and PSC-1,  the course intent is to take nominated internal auditors and management function leads (eg HR, operations, logistics etc) and build a high level of familiarity with the standards, so that they can then go back to their respective areas and ensure the standards are being implemented correctly in line with internationally recognized best management practice.  The course focuses on PSC1/ISO18788 as they form a comprehensive risk based quality assurance management system for security operations that for a company that delivers security services, underwrites the tenets of other contributing management system standards. It also helps to ‘future-proof’ an organization's internal auditing capability by enshrining an enterprise ‘risk-approach’. The training for this course also encompasses reference to ISO 9001:2015 where appropriate to ensure operating context, leadership and delivery through understanding of the risks takes prominence. 

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