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Recognized Progression

A deliberate, supported path to international certification

What is Recognized Progression?

A service which assists companies with limited resources or experience prepare for internationally recognized certification in a deliberate manner;

Accessible - helping companies generate capacity and knowledge in a logical manner through measured, progressive online education and learning support;

Allows a company to have key components of its management system assessed and graded through an MSS Global recognized progress award;

Companies can stay at any level, or logically progress to undergo the full internationally recognized certification audit;

ISO 18788 Recognized progression

A stepped approach which, within specified time constraints, allows a company to build or improve its management system in a logical progression.

Highly flexible, a company can jump to the final, full ISO certification phase at any point;

MSS Global provides a letter of engagement at the start to help support your business development efforts with your clients;

MSS Global provides recognition certificates after each phase which clients can offer to their customer to prove progress towards accredited certification to desired international standard(s);

The service is highly affordable compared to the use of consultants;

Going through Recognized Progression will reduce your formal audit duration = reduced cost;

Our service includes support to Private Security Companies (PSCs) seeking international certification to ISO 18788 and PSC.1.

Don't just take our word for it, listen to some of the users.....

"I love the simple language and precision of the wording. The language used to pass the message is well simplified and applies to all businesses."

Indigenous East African security company

"Throughout the last years, I remember having made extensive use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) but was only recently introduced to lagging indicators. This course was the first one to explain - in the usual charming, witty but very professional way not only the term "KPI" and its correct use, but also the difference in lagging and leading indicator - for which I am grateful.
Other aspects, like examples of the use of indicators and especially the green papers in the resource section, are of immense benefit to me in general but in my function."

Non-English European security consultant

International ISO consultant

As with all audits I complete (ISO 9001/14001/45001 and OHSAS18001) there are many misconceptions around the process management methodology.  This module enables a business to optimize their system and performance.”

Foundation phase

The basics

1. Mission, vision, values—code of business ethics.
2. Operations Policy.
3. Business Objectives (Security/Balanced).
4. Risk Assessment methodology I - including risk criteria.
5. Stakeholder analysis/register.
6. Organizational roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.
7. Supply Chain mapping/identification.
8. Legal and regulatory:

Company registration documents

Operating license(s)

9. Proof of Insurance.
10. Proof of financial stability.

Bronze phase


1. Corporate (Strategic)


Business/project plan(s) to include: External context (market and competitor analysis)

2. Risk Assessment Methodology II - Specialized Risks:

Human Rights


3. Service delivery planning

Program/project plans

Operational processes/procedures

4. Human Resources Management

Recruitment/screening process

Job/duty descriptions

Training and qualification requirements/plans

Employee handbook/HR policies

Silver phase



1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to company objectives

KPI targets and SMART Objectives

2. Internal auditing


Internal audit reports

3. Management review and inputs/outputs
4. Process Management

Gold phase -

Accredited certification to international  standards

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