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SureStart Approach

ISO 18788 Education and guidance to help you develop your management system

Online - support anytime, anywhere - as long as you have
an internet connection, then you have access;


Guided Pathway - SureStart provides you with an efficient,
logical start - giving you an introduction to key concepts
which can be supplemented if required;


Learn how to prepare your management system - step off
with a good foundation that ensures your next steps focus
on clear, straight forward and progressive development;


Identify gaps.... and how to close them - our Gap Analysis format tool will guide you through a series of questions that help you identify where you meet ISO 18788, where you have gaps, and help you identify how you might close those gaps;


Close knowledge gaps - Access to a sample of education
videos to introduce key concepts, with downloadable
examples to support you. These can be supplemented with further learning in our Recognized Progression scheme if required*

Affordable - The MSS Global SureStart Approach is FREE to any contracted client.

ISO 18788 certification support

Part 1 - Preparing your management system

Getting started

1. What do we mean by a ‘Management System’. (Video)
2. Understanding business process steps. (Video)
3. Conducting a Gap analysis and creating an Interpretation Document. (Video)

Part 2 - Gap Analysis

Self Awareness

Gap Analysis - 16 logical steps taking you through ISO 18788 requirements. (MS Word Action plan format).

Part 3 - Guided Learning - a sample of introductions to key concepts

Addressing gaps

1. Introduction to Mission, Vision and Values. (Video & download)
2. Introduction to Operations Policy - Reasons for establishing. (Video & download)
3. Introduction to Business Objectives. (Video & download)
4. Introduction to Risk Management. (Video & download)
5. Introduction to organizational roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. (Video & download)
6. Introduction to stakeholder/ interested party mapping and analysis. (Video & download)
7. Introduction to legal and regulatory identification and compliance. (Video & download)
8. Introduction to supply chain mapping. (Video & download)
9. Insurance considerations (download)

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