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Quality management

ISO 9001 certification

The benefits of ISO 9001

  • The system provides senior management with the ability to demonstrate effective control;

  • A common requirement for tenders; it is mandatory if you want to bid for some public sector and major client contracts;

  • It demonstrates your commitment to improved quality and service, providing marketing opportunities;

  • Implementing the system helps communicate a positive message to staff and customers alike;

  • It helps you identify best practices, more efficient and time saving processes and reduces costs;

  • The controls help provide oversight and continuous improvement of your business as whole;

  • You are able to demonstrate sustained performance through an enduring program of external audit; certification is a value for money ‘assurance’ investment.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 – Key points

  • A Quality Management System (QMS) – which has a risk based approach at its heart;

  • ISO 9001 helps you design and codify your business management controls, ensuring ‘quality’ resides at the core;

  • ISO 9001 covers key aspects of enterprise management; it places a strong emphasis on your identification of stakeholders, including clients, employees and subcontractors. And it enables a company to identify relevant legal and regulatory guidelines for its operations;

  • It encompasses core and supporting business functions, and your supply chain;

  • Like any effective management control system, ISO 9001 needs to be driven by the senior management team, and resourced.

The audit process we will guide you through...

ISO 9001 Certification process
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