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Health & safety management

ISO 45001 certification

The benefits of ISO 45001

  • ISO 45001 has replaced BS OHSAS 18001. Companies already certified to BS OHSAS 18001 have until March 2021 to migrate across. It is a straight-forward process - contact us for more.

  • Certification to ISO 45001 is a credible means of demonstrating effective health and safety Corporate Governance – from Board level, to physical delivery;

  • The ISO 45001 standard helps you as an organization implement and demonstrate a sound occupational health and safety management system;

  • It provides senior management with assurance that the organization can reduce risks to personnel and operate suitable health and safety arrangements;

  • Organizations certified to ISO 45001 can be more confident about meeting the requirements of Health and Safety legislation;

  • The setting of targets through your Health and Safety policy, together with the ongoing  measurement against them ensures a process of continual improvement;

ISO 45001 Certification


  • Certification by MSS Global, as an internationally accredited, respected, qualified and independent expert reinforces your credibility and helps protect your reputation;

  • Your certification increases client confidence; you can demonstrate sustained performance through an enduring program of external audit; certification is a value for money ‘assurance’ investment.

ISO 45001 – Key points

  • A risk based approach lies at its heart;

  • ISO 45001 helps you design and codify your health safety management controls and arrangements;

  • It encompasses core and supporting business functions, and helps you manage your suppliers;
    Health and safety is a corporate governance issue. The Board should integrate it into the main governance structures, including Board sub-committees, such as risk, remuneration and audit;

  • Like any effective management control system, ISO 45001 needs to be driven by the senior management team, and resourced.

The audit process we will guide you through...

ISO 45001 Certification process
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