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Ethical trade & responsible sourcing

"Giving consumers the reassurance they seek and workers the protection they deserve"
BRCGS Ethical trade & responsible sourcing (ETRS) - pilot
  • MSS Global have been selected as part of the first international pilot for the BRCGS ETRS scheme.

Why pursue ETRS Certification?

  • Consumers increasingly expect their products and services to be ethically sourced and supplied.

  • The increasing social consciousness is coupled with greater expectation for transparency and accountability.

  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) themes are forming core foundations for investment and acquisition decisions.

  • 63% of investment decisions [were] ruled out due to poor governance practices (EY, 2018)

  • 73% believe it important that the products (s)he buys are responsibly sourced (A/S Sustainability barometer, 2019)

  • The financial and non-financial benefits offered through demonstrated good business practice and a care for your people and consumers is seeing an emerging investor driven opportunity drive for long term, sustained profit and growth.

What is involved in the certification process?

MSS Global, as a BRCGS recognized, and UKAS accredited Certification Body, follows a simple, mandated process.

Preparation - Contact MSS Global and we'll gather some basic information to give you a price for certification.  Once content, you'll be asked to work through the BRCGS mandated self-assessment questionnaire before we start our assessment.  You will find it necessary to purchase a copy of the standard from them, and we strongly advise you purchase a copy of the interpretation guidance. (click to visit the BRCGS store).

Stage 1 - Process Review. MSS Global undertakes an assessment of your policies, processes, and procedures against the requirements of the ETRS scheme in order to confirm that you are ready for Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Effectiveness Review. MSS Global comes on site (unannounced visit within a given 28 day window) to assess the management and implementation of your ETRS. This includes site reviews and interviews with key staff and affected personnel.

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