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How to become ICoCA Certified in 3 straight forward steps.

Becoming ICoCA certified is not complex - follow these 3 steps, and you'll be there.

Step 1:  This is the largest piece of work you need to do.  Your leadership need to drive it, providing direction and resources (people and time)


  • Become an affiliate or transitional member of the ICoCA using their application process.

  • Buy a copy of one of the recognised ISO standards (e.g. 18788 for land security, and  28000 + 28007 for maritime).

  • Having read the standard, undertake a gap analysis of the requirements against your current way of doing business.  (See Step 2 – we can help you with this for free for ISO 18788).

  • Develop an action plan that identifies what needs to be done to address any gaps you’ve identified, who is going to do it and by when.

  • Implement your action plan.

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Step 2:  Our audit reports and certification as external assessors form the major part of your ICoCA Certified membership evidence
  • Apply for certification with MSS Global.  We will send you some forms so that we can understand your company and operations.  We will then give you a no-obligation cost estimate.

  • Once contracted, we will give you FREE access to our online gap analysis tool to support your internal preparations.  We have a number of other preparation support tools – see our website, or ask for more details and we’ll arrange a call.

  • Our impartial, 3rd party audit covers 2 stages:

    • Stage 1 = document review and interviews with your functional leads (e.g. human resources, COO, owners, legal etc).We will be assessing to ensure you have the management system structural controls in place that meet the requirements of the standards.  It includes policies, code of ethics, risk management processes, selection & training, complaints process, internal audits, and management reviews etc.

    • Stage 2 = verification from top to bottom across your company that the design we’ve seen in Stage 1 works the way it should and supports your company and clients in achieving your objectives.  We will review records, and interview your people and some clients.  We will be assessing to verify your system of control is reliable, repeatable and effective.

  • Certification can last up to 3 years – subject to annual surveillance audits to confirm maintained effectiveness.

Step 3:  The final element of becoming an ICoCA certified member
  • Contact the ICoCA Secretariat to receive their application form. You’ll need to complete and submit this to them with supporting documents, including our certification and audit report and some additional information they will ask for.

  • They will review our report and your additional evidence, and make a recommendation to the ICoCA Board.

  • Subject to ICoCA Board approval, you become a certified member of the ICoCA.  Congratulations!

  • Certification to an ICoCA recognised standard must be current for the ICoCA Certification to be valid.

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