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FREE to ICoCA members & affiliates only ....
"Recognized Progression"
  Education Resource Suite

Helping you to build a strong and ethical governance structure to manage security operations

The Recognized Progression Education Resource Suite is offered for free to ICoCA Certified and transitional members and affiliates.

What is it?
  • A suite of self-help education resources that assists companies with limited resources or experience to understand how to build a strong, ethical governance structure that supports them towards meeting the expectations of the International Code of Conduct, and therefore ISO 18788 and the other ICoCA recognized standards.  

  • A number of the fully certified member companies have successfully drawn on these resources over the last few years.

  • As a paid up ICoCA member or affiliate company – MSS Global are pleased to back up our support of the ICoCA through offering 1 free license for per company to draw on these resources.

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How do you use the resources?
  • We’d suggest there are 2 broad approaches….

  • For affiliates and transitional members, we’d strongly recommend you follow our recognized progression route. This will provide you with a handrail along a logical, business orientated learning pathway by taking you step by step through the resources and helping ensure you have the sound governance foundations in place from which to then build. 

  • The second approach is aimed at supporting fully certified members.  As companies with proven governance systems in place, we’d suggest exploiting these resources for staff learning, education and continuous professional development.  By selecting particular topics, you can focus on developmental themes, and help ensure continuity of understanding as you bring new people, or promote personnel to higher management levels.

Important caveat

As an internationally accredited Certification Body, we are not a consultancy.  The Recognized Progression suite uses generic examples; it does not provide ‘templates’. The service focuses on the conceptual fundamentals of a risk based approach to management systems, and interprets this for the PSC sector; it does not provide client specific solutions as defined in ISO 17021-1:2015, Clause 3.3

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