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Impartiality policy

MSS Global performs its certification and surveillance activities in an independent, impartial and objective manner that is free of any commercial, financial, administrative or other factors that will risk both actual and perceived assessment objectivity.  MSS Global have determined the key elements that threaten/ would threaten the impartiality of all personnel, committees and the senior executives.  We have completed an analysis on the conflict of interests and taken appropriate precautions. The conflict of interest analysis is periodically reviewed by the Impartiality Committee.  Our understanding and boundaries of impartiality have been tested through Accreditation Body review.


MSS Global provides certification services to any requested organisations within our accredited scope, and broader non-accredited scope as part of the evidence for applications of accreditation scope. The service is delivered equally and independently to all applicants and certified organisations. No unnecessary financial terms and other conditions are demanded of relevant parties. The laws, regulations and contractual obligations are binding for all organisations. No hidden discrimination is possible through, for example, speeding up or slowing down of the provided services.


MSS Global and its employees do not offer or provide management system consultancy. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel who have provided management system consultancy, including those acting in a managerial capacity, shall not take part in audit activity if they have been involved in consultancy for the particular Client within 2 years.


When a relationship poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality, certification shall not be provided by MSS Global. MSS Global shall not certify a management system on which it provided internal audits within 2 years following the end of the internal audits.


The persons or committees that make the certification decisions are different from those who carried out the audits.  All personnel in MSS Global including the certification personnel, auditors, committees and experts carry out their duties without compromising the principles or perception of impartiality and confidentiality. They declare this statement by signing appropriate contractual agreements.


All other information, except for information that is made publicly accessible in agreement with the Client, shall be considered confidential. When confidential information is requested directly by an Accreditation Body, it can be shared with the Accreditation Body. Where it is required by law to release confidential information to a third party, the Client or individual concerned shall be notified in advance of information being provided.


We hereby announce and declare that we shall pursue the above without any compromise of integrity through our managerial system, financial management, and policy and working principles.


Directors: Reviewed 30 April 2024

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