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Modern slavery

Modern slavery is all around us, but often out of sight.  Can you afford to ignore the risk?

Why tackle modern slavery?

  • Addressing modern slavery risk in your company - and supply chain directly supports the non-financial value-add of a strong ESG strategy (environmental, social, governance).

  • Tackling modern slavery risk in your company and across your supply chain enhances trust in your company and people. 

  • Effective modern slavery controls support the development of a good governance culture in your company.

  • Routine and enduring awareness, communication and management of modern slavery risk supports your legal obligations under the UK Slavery Act 2015 and the US Counter Trafficking of Persons (CTIPS) regulations.

Some startling statistics....

  • 40 miliion people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery worldwide - with 1 in 4 of them, childern.

  • Over 70% are women and girls.

  • Over 10,000 potential victims were identified in the UK in 2019.

We can help you manage modern slavery risk through our modern slavery grid toolkit

The Modern Slavery (MS) grid is part of a wider Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) integrated grid suite that helps companies add financial and non-financial value to their proposition. As ESG takes on ever greater resonance amongst investors and the public, we at MSS Global have drawn on our international expertise in business and human rights assurance to develop a straight-forward, accessible support framework to guide you through this critical area using 'Method Grid'* to provide you a free toolkit.


MSS Global’s modern slavery grid is a framework that draws on international best practice following a plan-do-check-act methodology to guide you through designing and implementing an approach to tackle modern slavery risk in your own organization, project and, for larger enterprises, across the entire supply chain.  


The toolbox brings modern slavery control to life and uniquely both captures relevant knowledge resources and facilitates the project management of such an exercise.

* Method Grid provides a framework approach to methodologies  enabling the continuous, collaborative development of even very-complex procedures.  It is free for up to 5 users.  An account is required with Method Grid to access the ABC framework.

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