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Quality policy

MSS Global is dedicated to providing a high-quality assessment and certification service to all of its Clients.  Services will be carried out in a fair and impartial manner to ensure they are delivered in accordance with the needs and expectations of all interested parties. 

Our management system controls have been developed to ensure that our education, assessment, auditing, certification and associated procedures are carried out with integrity to deliver the highest level of quality. We aim to provide clients with the best possible service based on openness, honesty and impartiality. Our management system has been developed to ensure we recognise any conflicts of interest and maintain the objectivity of the certification process.

A system with ‘quality’ at its core has been designed, developed and implemented across the whole range of services offered to deliver this strategic intent.  The system ensures that both the contractual requirements agreed with our Clients, and the controls laid down by the appropriate Accreditation Body for the accredited scopes are satisfied.

The company’s management system is set out in the documentation; it covers all aspects of the MSS Global’s assessment and certification operations, has been approved by senior management, and is understood by all associated staff and contractors thus ensuring it is implemented at all levels. The whole system is regularly monitored through internal audits and periodic reviews to ensure relevance. 

To deliver this, it is our policy is to:

  • Apply our procedures consistently and equally to all organisations;

  • Provide sufficient qualified personnel, and to continually review and where necessary develop the skills and qualifications they may need to provide a high-quality service;

  • Monitor industry and sector developments and communicate any changes necessary to all interested or affected parties;

  • Conduct accredited assessment activities in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021, and related standards and mandatory documents;

  • Be sensitive to the environment and promote this concept to interested parties;

  • Value and promote the concept of continual improvement.

  • Focus not just on our clients, but on the expectations of the clients of our clients.

Directors: Reviewed 30 April 2024

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