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Sustainable Development Goals: (SDGs) Mapping Guide for Private Security Services


Given increased emphasis on non-financial disclosure, particularly Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and the uptake of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for measuring a companies’ societal impact, we have created a mapping tool that can be utilized by investors, clients and private security companies alike in illustrating how responsible security service provision from companies certified to ISO18788/PSC.1 and ICoCA Certified Members, can positively impact communities where these service providers operate.

In one page, PSCs conforming to these standards as certified members of ICoCA, or those employing such companies, can now ‘show’ how they directly contribute to the achievement of the broader human rights and social responsibility commitments carried by their clients and governments – the conclusion being, their employment of ethical, well managed security service providers becomes a reputational, reporting asset rather than a risk.

The mapping provides an infographic overview that offers an illustrative ‘feel’ for the complementary correlation and contribution between these 3 frameworks, with supporting matrices that show the links against individual SDG Targets. While the detailed guide contains an SDG centred overview, it is accompanied by a suite of 3 standalone infographics to support particular audiences:

  • SDG centred overview – suggested target audience: governments, commercial clients, local communities, and support to Company Boards reporting on contributing progress for the SDGs and UNGCs.

  • VPSHR centred overview – suggested target audience: governments, extractive industry users of security, local communities, and support to Company Boards reporting on contributing to VPSHR performance.

  • ICoC centred overview – suggested target audience: ICoCA certified membership, and why it is relevant and important to demonstrate responsible business conduct. The Annex provides the detail behind the infographics, giving granular, line by line, clause by clause correlation against the SDG targets, helping company Compliance, CSR and training teams to intimately understand the interlocking web and where they may contribute to fulfilment.

The SDG Map for Private Security Services is developed jointly by MSS Global and Michael Bila of the ICoCA, and offered for free, non-licensed, attributable use.

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