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Security services certification

ISO 18788, PSC-1, ISO 28000 & ISO 28007

Unique internationally recognized specialists for ISO 18788, PSC.1 and ISO 28007

MSS Global are the only internationally accredited CB who can certify both land and maritime security service delivery.  We are the only CB who are committed members of the ICoCA.  Our certifications help you win contracts.


Land security - ISO 18788 and PSC-1   

We sit on a number of the committees that oversee the development of these standards.  With human rights obligations at their core, we have developed an online education pathway that can help you prepare.  Our SureStart approach is free for contracted clients, and includes our Gap Analysis tool.

Supply chain and maritime armed guard security - 

ISO 28000 and ISO 28007  

As security sector specialists we understand the complex nature of securing supply chains across international borders.  From factories and logistics companies, through to private maritime security companies and vessel based armories, we bring unique depth and understanding to add value to you assurance, and the confidence you give your clients. 

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