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Suspension & withdrawal of certification

OBJECTIVE   To explain the procedure for receiving applications for suspension, withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification, and specifies the subsequent actions by MSS Global.  MSS Global will correctly state the status of certification upon request by any party.


1.  Suspension of Certification and Reduction of Scope

Certification is suspended for up to six (6) months, should one or more of the following occur:

  • The Client's certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements, including requirements pertaining to the effectiveness of the management system across each of the certificated locations and sites;

  • The Certified client does not allow surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies;

  • The certified Client has voluntarily requested a suspension;

  • When major non-conformities are found during an audit and not resolved within a designated period;

  • When minor non-conformities found during the audit are not closed as agreed;

  • Failure to observe certification rules as agreed;

  • Failure to pay certification or audit fees.


The suspension of the certificate is decided by the Certification Decision Maker(s)/ Operations Manager, and will be communicated to the organisation in writing. MSS Global may extend the period of suspension period, but only once, and then for a maximum of three (3) months, following the decision of the Operations Manager.


While under suspension, the Client's management system certification is temporarily invalid. The Certification Agreement with MSS Global specifies that while under a notice of suspension Clients are not to promote/advertise its certification.  Should a Client fail to adhere to this contractual obligation, MSS Global will issue a written warning prior to consideration of legal action. MSS Global will consider the full raft of legal avenues, including publication of the suspension on it’s website or via other media.


1.1 Scope Reduction  MSS Global will also consider reducing the Client’s scope of certification to exclude the parts not meeting the applicable requirements should a client persistently or seriously fail to adhere to the certification requirements for those elements of the scope.


Should a Client fail to resolve the notified issues that led to the certification suspension within the agreed timeline, MSS Global will withdraw, or reduce the scope of certification. 


For IMS, if certification to one or more management system standard(s)/specification(s) is subject to suspension, reduction or withdrawal the MSS Global Operations Manager shall investigate the impact of this on the certification to other management system standard(s)/specification(s).


1.2 Removal of The Suspension Status of The Certificate

The suspension status will be removed by MSS Global upon receipt of a satisfactory evidence from the suspended organisation stating and demonstrating that the notified issues and/or causes for suspension of their certificates have been addressed. 


MSS Global may conduct an audit on the organisation, at the Client’s expense, to confirm that the Client has addressed the concerns leading to suspension. The type, scope and duration of this audit will depend upon the reason for suspension, and the Client will be notified in writing prior to the audit in the normal manner.  The suspension will be removed once MSS Global have confirmed that issues of concern have been addressed; this will be communicated to the organisation in writing. 


MSS Global will remove the certification should the assessment confirm that issues have not been addressed.


2.1  Withdrawal of Certification

The certificate will be withdrawn in the event of one or more of the following:

  • At the request of the organisation;

  • Bankruptcy of the organisation or termination of the activities in the scope of certificate;

  • The incorporated body of the organisation changes such that it impacts on the management system employed;

  • The organisation does not accept the suspension conditions;

  • The organisation does not address the reasons for suspension;

  • The organisation fails to provide permission for the audit until after the end of the suspension period;

  • The follow up audit identifies that the necessary corrective action has not been taken;

  • Misleading and unfair use of the certificate by the organisation for products or services not included within the scope of the certificate;

  • The organisation is not at the certified site address;

  • The organisation fails to allow or facilitate timely surveillance audits.


If the Client organisation does not apply for the follow-up audit within six (6) months following the suspension of the certificate, they may be allowed additional time of up to 3 months; else the certificate will be withdrawn. The MSS Global Operations Manager will take the decision over extension, or withdrawal.


In cases where the certificate is withdrawn, the Client organisation will be expected to comply with the requirements in the Certification Agreement to:

  • Stop use of the MSS Global certificate and logo;

  • Cease trading on the benefits accrued through the scope of certification now withdrawn;

  • Settle any unpaid certification and audit fees.


The Client organisation will be expected to remove any associated logos from their correspondence and introductory material within one month following the withdrawal of the certificate, otherwise MSS Global will:

  • Inform the accreditation body and other certification organizations;

  • Publicize that the former Client organisation is trading on a certificate illegally, and violating the terms of their agreement with MSS Global as their Certification Body;

  • Consider taking legal action as appropriate in order to rectify or compensate for any damage, either physically or reputational, caused by the former Client’s misuse.

Directors reviewed:  30 April 2024

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