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The Business Case -
Certification with MSS Global

As sector leaders our certifications can help you win contracts, save money, reduce your insurance premiums, and improve your company's performance


  • MSS Global are your only true security sector certification partner of choice;

  • Many of the world’s leading Private Security Companies rank among our clients;

  • Many clients are engaged with us bilaterally and through their membership of the ICoCA, UK SCEG, and US ISOA organisations;

  • MSS Global are a Certification Body authorized through the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and its multilateral recognition agreement (MLA);

ISO 18788 business case
  • This level of accreditation is a unique definer for national government and commercial contracts;

  • Our auditors understand the issues faced by the security sector operating in fragile environments;

  • Our services include certification to PSC.1, ISO 18788, and ISO 9001 (along with many others – including environment health and safety, anti-human trafficking, and maritime security).



  • Our unrivaled expertise enables us in many cases to deliver combined audits which offer time and money saving efficiency for our clients. (Our ‘3 for 1 Certificates Offer’ is a prime example);

  • Statistics provided by our certified clients show that certification with ongoing surveillance has the clear potential to save you money through for example, reduced lost time incident rates (LTIR), total recordable incident rates (TRIR), vehicle incident rates (VIR), and reduced cost per incident.

  • Insurance Premium Discount: MSS Global’s sector defining expertise has been recognized by the specialist insurance industry. The result is that clients certified by MSS Global could receive material insurance rate discounts on existing 
    polices of up to 20%;

  • Insurance cost savings may partially, or fully cover MSS Global’s certification costs. MSS Global does not benefit financially from this arrangement; we are doing this as a value-added benefit to existing clients and a potential benefit to prospective clients.


  • Certification reinforces your credibility and helps protect your reputation, providing clients, governments and communities with assurance and confidence in your service delivery;

  • Certification helps you identify, improve and implement efficient, time-saving processes; 

  • Management system certifications cover key aspects of Enterprise Risk Management, placing a strong emphasis on your identification of stakeholders (clients, employees, subcontractors, and local communities). These certifications also enable a company to identify relevant legal and regulatory requirements that support its operations;

  • Certifications encompass core and supporting business functions, and your supply chain; 

  • ISO 18788 and PSC.1 uniquely provide assurance on front-line service delivery.

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