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Other assurance services & ISO certifications

We leverage the assurance processes and credibility of an international Certification Body to deliver second party assurance, and third party turn key certification solutions including ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001

Second party due diligence and suppliers assurance

Second party due diligence assurance assessments of your subcontractors, supply chain, or vendors.

We undertake integrated asset and business process assurance audits to help clients ensure the best value and best practice in their supply chains.

ISO 9001 - Quality management

The most common requirements for contracts, providing assurance of quality of service and continual improvement.

ISO 14001 - Environmental management

As corporate accountability and the impact of climate change increasingly apply pressure, ISO 14001 provides a strong public and corporate commitment to your obligations under such regimes as the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).  We see this often required of companies supporting industry, including the oil and gas sector.

ISO 45001 - Health and safety management

Health and safety management are core aspects of commercial governance.  Whether driven by legal and regulatory requirements, or as logical extensions of security and human rights management, certification to ISO 45001 provides a strong commitment to the value a company places on its people, clients, and the community within which it operates.  This standard is often required by companies supporting industry, including the oil and gas industry.


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