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 Including specialist support for ethical assurance, ICoCA Certification, ISO 18788, PSC-1 and ISO 28000, Human rights due diligence and anti-human trafficking, and CMMC Certification 

 Enduring assurance - COVID-19 - Continuity of service 

 During these exceptional circumstances, we can audit you through remote access where circumstances allow - Saving you time and money. 


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ISO 18788 ISO 28000 anti-human trafficking

We offer a number of ESG related tool kits and assurance services:

  • BRCGS Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing

  • Human rights due diligence

  • Anti-bribery toolkit and ISO 37001 certification

  • Modern slavery toolkit

  • Anti-trafficking assurance



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Internationally recognized Certification Body (IAF MLA accredited). Established in 2011, MSS Global focus on the rigorous, ethical assurance and education support of companies and supply chains, including land and maritime private security companies operating globally - including in some of the most challenging areas of the world.  Ethical assurance lies at the heart of our services as we support Environmental, Social, Governance themes (ESG).  With presence in the UK, US and West Africa, and partners internationally, the company are arguably world leaders in this arena, and are members of groups such as the SCEG, ISOA and ICoCA. Recognizing the demanding nature of these sectors, MSS Global are the only Certification Body internationally accredited to be competent to audit and certify management standards with human rights enshrined, including for land security (against ISO 18788 and ANSI/ASIS PSC 1), and maritime security (against ISO 28000 with ISO 28007).  Our ESG suite provides simple, affordable education and guidance and includes human rights due diligence and anti-bribery toolkits to ensure ESG topics add  value.  And through MSS Global LLC we intend to offer CMMC Certification (application ongoing).


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